Berlin Tattoos

tattoo booking

please fill out my booking form here. Read the scheduling bit below first.

I work on a seasonal booking system: I’ll review all requests at once, and offer bookings to all requests that I can take on. I may offer waitlist spots (meaning, you have a spot, but we won’t schedule it until closer to) for the following season (SUMMER 2024)

consult booking

if you want to discuss a design, or have questions that can be covered in a consult, please email me at mberlin (at) to organize a phone consult, with some suggested times for the consult, and your phone number if you choose by phone. If we need to meet in person for a more placement-specific consult, we can plan from there.

touchup booking

touchups are free and all you need to do is email me at mberlin (at) and we will book you in; I’m so excited to see you again.


the next set of fall bookings (March/April/May) will open February 2024 and will be announced on my instagram and email mailing list.

I only book tattoos on Saturdays (all day, with my starting slot beginning at 10AM) and Mondays starting at 6PM. If you are travelling on a specific set of dates and neither of these days of the week work for you, please reach out or detail this when booking and I can selectively consider if your proposal is possible for me to take on (meaning: I need to consult with my studiomates and see if I am able to work on another weekday evening or on a Sunday).

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