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my tattoo practice

I have been taught tattooing by others in a slow informal built up way, and continue to actively look for learning to expand what I can offer. I first learned tattooing by hand and offer this alongside machine tattoos now, but only on request for customs. My illustration and tattoo practice captures simply with single-weight linework illustration in black ink. I incorporate minimal shading with liners, mag shaders, and greyscale.

I aim to explain and narrate the steps of getting tattooed before we work so you know what is going on in terms of sanitation and the products used. I love getting questions before or as we go because tattooing is a thing I love to talk about so please ask me anything!

more of this please

the most meaningful work I’ve done is in doing work to mark or clarify dreams or passings: memorials of selves and others. I have done memorial pieces, and have the capacity to continue to offer this work at my client’s lead.

I am also interested in working on compositions that are multi-element, combinations of objects approached with curiousity to how they sit in relation to each other, or which include elements that repeat within a larger composition with slight differences. I am interested in large scale work: elements that cross and jump across the body, backpieces, and works that build up over time. love backpieces always. 

learning and working among others 

I regularly work to educate myself about the nuance of this practice: I have taken Tamara Santibañez' trauma-informed tattooing workshop (which you can find here) and regularly update my knowledge with other sources that help me offer this type of work in a way that honours that everybody is showing up as they are and that there are so many factors that can affect the experience of getting tattooed for someone based on their own reality and intersectional experience.

Part of being an artist is being in and aware of a larger community; I am committed to small acts that resist the gatekeeping/scarcity culture of tattooing that is rooted in white supremacy: if you ever want to ask for tattooing advice if you are beginning, have questions about supply sources, or if you want a recommendation for a tattoo artist for something specific, I am happy to hear those requests and will answer within my capacity. 

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