Berlin Tattoos

[star anise] - scaled so about 1.5” min for the larger ones

[pomegranate blossoms ii] - 1.25 - 1.5” ish each

[tomato tops] - 1.5”-2”ish each minimum

[pomegranate blossoms] - 1.25” to 1.5” each minimum 

[saw three of my friends’ tomatoes this summer] / each top spanning about 2” will be good for size

[blossom I know well, from memory] / scaled so each of the larger ones are around or a little under 1”

[have been looking for that poem for four years at least/baby tomato tops] / scaled so each long one is at least 1.5-2” long

[ties from the ferry] / scaled so the larger ones are minimum 4”

[dried on every surface ii] / these are all different so hard to say minimums, but likely no smaller than 2” for any of them

[dried on every surface i] / each should be around 3” at their widest points

[star anise] / minimum 1” each

[baby fawns watching the ground like I do] / each should be around 1.5 - 2” at their widest points

[still] / scaled so smaller are at least 1.25” and others 2”

[hellebores] / scaled so each one is around at least 1”

[dried hydrangea stickers]

[cherry blossoms] / scaled so the one on the left is about 1.25” left-to-right.

© Meagan Berlin or images as credited