Berlin Tattoos
drypoint means these are from an already-existing or planned edition of drypoint etching prints, so you would have to be okay with the fact that they exist in another form /

[i’m late but with flowers] / minimum 2.5” from end to end, but 3.5” min preferred

[in my nature - drypoint] / minimum 5.5” tall

[paper flowers] / scaled so the longest line is minimum 4.5”


top [two chickens, enough ! i - drypoint] - 4” wide minimum

bottom [two chickens, enough ! ii] / - 5” wide for bottom one

[ribbon and two rosehips] / 6.5” long minimum

[double angels] / 3” wide minimum - also, can be tattooed separately

[drift] / 5” tall minimum each

[fish and wheat iii - drypoint] / scaled so the fish is 5” minimum

[three ribbons] / scaled so that the smallest one is 4.5” minimum

[vesnianky] / top one 6.5” min, bottom one 3” minimum as drawn, but the length of the ribbons can be adjusted to whatever length you’d like

on left [we wintered] / 4.5” tall min

on right [we didn’t sing] / 3.5” across min

[getting our domovyk back ! - drypoint] / scaled so about 1.5” -2” min each for each husk

[old grappling anchor] / minimum 5.5” tall

[swan shadow] / minimum 3” across but I will prioritize bigger proposals for this so that I can create the texture of the lines

on left - [lamb cake (chocolate) - drypoint] / minimum 6.5” across

on right - [lamb cake (vanilla) - drypoint] / minimum 6.5” across

[bulls, options] / minimum 4” from nose to top of head for each - happy to tattoo separately, but i’m going to be more interested in incorporating these as part of a composition, with botanicals or ribbons or shadows etc., not just the bull head alone 

[daisy chain shadow i] / minimum 5.5” from end to end

[paper wings] / scaled so the longer one is minimum 8”

[shoulder heather - drypoint] / minimum 6” from longest points / outline only (not shown) or with mag shading inside for tone (as shown)

[bag of soil] / 7” minimum from longest points, though I could take down the inner detail for a bit smaller.

[angel worm - drypoint] / minimum 5.5” tall

[demon worm - drypoint] - minimum 5.5”

[pomegranate buds] / minimum 1” tall for each bud - can be outline only (top) or with shading (bottom)

[daisy chain shadow ii] / scaled so the longer daisy is minimum 3”

[pomegranate and its shadow - drypoint] / minimum 5.5” from longest points

[clay crown - drypoint] / minimum 4.5” from its longest points

[metal adornments] / minimum 7” across, we can play with how they interact, or you can have just one

[crown of thorns and its shadow] / scaled so the branch is minimum 8” long - this is a big piece! think back

[holding] / minimum 9.5”

[wait all night in the grass with you] / minimum 2” across for each, can be tighter linework, or we can size up a bit and I can work with a mag for the texture shown

[cleanness] / each ribbons minimum 4.5” long, each of the cactus cross sections about 1” minimum

on left [welcome] / 3.5” from longest points

on right [taken care of so well] / minimum 4.5” long

[dreaming of water up to my waist again] / minimum 6” long

[twins] - 5.5” from longest points - i’d be interested in doing one of them a lighter greyscale, or doing them in a colours

[two knots] / as they are currently oriented, minimum of about 3.5” each across. These can be creatively played with: we can extend the ends of some of the ribbon, rotate them, or play with how they are placed in relation to each other. you could also just have one if you’d like.

[three fish - drypoint] / scaled so each fish is 3”

[fish and wheat ii - drypoint] / minimum scaled so the wheat line is 2” across

[rope from the ground this summer] / scaled so the diagonal line from the upper left to the bottom right is a minimum of 5.5”

on left [everydayness] / probably minimum 6.5” from top to bottom of design

on right [like blowing out a candle] / minimum 4.5” lengthwise / curious how this would look paired with something from ‘available - composition parts’, like a single blossom element floating a bit above each of the points where the ribbon doubles back?

[paper garbage] / bigger is better for those details, at leeeaaast 7.5” end to end

[fence repaired during the night ii] / 8” min, but willing to shorten the length of the unknotted part
[fringe detail from a western shirt, drawn with permission from @shopfromthepast] / 6” min

[scaled lambs] / this one need to be bigger! lamb on left at least 3.75” from bum to forehead. I’d love this as an upper backpiece, perhaps with an overlapping arch connecting them visually above of some dried flower bits? v open to imaginings with this one and I may wait until I get a placement or additional composition idea i’m excited about for it.

rushnyk iii


bronze bird statue

star anise as witness [partially unavailable - star anise design taken]

simple shadow walking with rhys in the Japanese gardens in Portland

unmade bed outtake

© Meagan Berlin or images as credited