Berlin Tattoos
these tattoos have already been given / shown here only as inspiration

[roses, made their own crown]

on left [flower for joon!]

on right [“but they’re so sweet and trying in the cold”]

on left [makrut lime thorns]

on right [tiny dried]

[the only dead thorn from the tree (w shadow)]

on left [crabapple branch - my friend Tori made this ink by hand out of oak galls for me!]

[picked at the grass seeds (four)]

[don’t climb onto branches that are too high]

[dandelion set]

[little tomato tops i]

hanging above your head (Molly)


dreamed the same dream twice

on left [another winter starts ii]

on right [another winter starts]

[only thorns]

[magnolias, march (ii)]


tomatos vine

on left [another winter starts iv]

on right [another winter starts v]

[dogwood ii]

[sweet (fruit, flowers)]

on left [rosehips, talking to kaylan on the phone]

on right [dried rose thorns from Yuquot in Mowachaht/Muchalaht territory]

[dried rose buds from Yuquot in Mowachaht/Muchalaht territory]

[from down the street]
on left [close your eyes, baby breath]
on left [R returned my canning pot full of mint from the farm]

on right [a thought from March]

© Meagan Berlin or images as credited