Berlin Tattoos

[visiting you in different places]

[dreamed the same dream twice ii]

[shadows - drypoint]

[wings molly found]

[two ribbons]

[two bows]

[star anise set]

[net - drypoint]

[forget me]

[fence repaired during the night i]

[long beans bundle]

[rushnyk sketch]

[minnows and flowers set]

[ropes around glass buoys]

[sharp angle]

[wheat lines and minnow]

[w tears]

on left [fishing buoys]

on right [ribbon]

[rushnyk i]

[pre raphaelite mashup]

[abstract swallows watching each other]

[minnow and poppy]

[careful knot]

[oxalis and minnows]

[kelly and I went picking salmon jaws]

[a confusion]

[flowers and dress]

[wrapped eel]

[two memories holding onto each other]

[disentangle / based on an illustration in an old fairy tale book, spotted but not recorded]

[the sun]

© Meagan Berlin or images as credited