Berlin Tattoos
feedback and accountability forms

My tattoo practice evolves as I learn and I always want to do better in the ways that we interact - be it in the ways I can improve accessibility, the booking process/form, the communications leading up to your tattoo, providing you with custom designs and revisions, and importantly - during your tattoo. I want you to feel empowered at all stages with information, clear communication from me, and prioritizing of consent. It is helpful for me to know when I’ve done well at these goals and when I haven’t.

I welcome, want, and will sit with your feedback with intention and with an aim to incorporate it in future application - be it for:
  • providing positive feedback so I can make sure I’m continuing those elements of the experience, tailored to future clients
  • suggestions for adjustments or improvements to my practice or the studio environment, or
  • communicating if you had a session or interaction with me that you are uncomfortable with or which was harmful to you, and where sharing that with me with the promise of accountability on my end would help alleviate what you might be carrying from that experience.

These two forms (one for feedback, one for specific accountability) are here for you to give guidance, either anonymously or with your name (all treated as confidential).

The accountability form takes lead and some direct language from B Herr’s (@veils.veils.veils) development of an accountability form that provides a way to have a really explicit say in if/how you want me to engage if you desire a higher-accountability response.

If you articulate a specific harm or discomfort, and/or any requests for specific accountability, know that I will treat it with openness and will respond as soon as I am able to, prioritizing your message emotionally and practically. All the question prompts are optional and you can give as much or as little answer as you want.
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